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  2023-06-02     Vargas Care Home     94-296 Kahuahele St     $18.00 hour  

Vargas Care Home

Provide or assist with basic care and support of elderly patients under the care of license nursing staff. Perform duties such as monitoring of health status, bathing, toileting, orambulation of patient in a health or nursing facility. Assist in personal and dental hygiene, provide post-mortem care, check specimen such as urine, stool and sputum,monitor and record bowel movements. Transfer and reposition patients from bed or chair or other locations within the facility. Measure and record vital signs, blood pressure, height and weight. Observe patients and note physical condition, attitude, reaction,appetite etc. and report any changes to on-site nurse. Successfully complete a State Approved Nurse Aid Training Program. Certified Nursing Assistant or 2 years of work-related skills or knowledge is required. Must be able to work the evening and graveyard shift.

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