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Reservation Sales & Logistics Coordinato

  2019-12-06     Reservation Sales & Logistics Coordinator     150 Kaulele Place, Honolulu  

This position is a key role in selling and operating the Lāna’i Air charter air service. The dual role of selling and servicing must be delivered in a manner that is both high touch and high quality. Selling the private charter service will be done via referrals from the Four Seasons Lāna’i as well as through direct inquiries. Guest Service is a major part of this role. Contact will continue with guests as their charter date approaches. Logistical services will be executed by this position to include coordination of ground transportation and tracking the guest’s inbound flights from the mainland or Asia. This position will participate in the ground service during the arrival and departure process as guests transition through the Lāna’i Air Hanger facility on O’ahu. This position will be responsible for other logistical coordination with third party vendors (aircraft operator, ground service support, and ground transportation) on Lāna’i and O’ahu. The primary goal of this position is to support the increased occupancy for the Four Seasons Hotels on Lāna’i.

Essential Duties:

  • Responsible for selling the Lana'i Air Charter service to guests of the Four Seasons Lana'i by utilizing the Lana'i Air reservation line and providing Four Seasons guests with accurate information about the Lana'i Air Service.
  • Manages the flight availability to maximize utilization and avoid overbooking flight times.
  • Gather accurate guest data and transmit to third party partners in a timely manner.
  • Communicates effectively with aircraft operator, ground support and ground transportation in Honolulu and Lana'i to ensure accurate communication of details for the guest arrival and transfer.
  • Assists with passenger boarding, ground support for arrival/ departure, and loading of baggage as needed.

Education/ Experience:

  • Two years of Hospitality experience with a high end resort, highly recommended.
  • Two years of logistical coordination experience, recommended.
  • Two years of clerical experience, recommended.

Knowledge/ Skills:

  • Must be proficient in Outlook, Word, Excel, Internet and other applicable software.
  • Requires proficiency and professionalism in writing emails to passengers/ guests.
  • Must be detail oriented.
  • Requires exceptional written and verbal communication and organizational skills.
  • Able to create effective working relationships and foster teamwork with other employees and third party vendors.
  • Must be able to maintain a positive attitude and work under conditions that are changing on a moment's notice.
  • Must be able to problem solve and identify resources to use when faced with irregular operations.

Required Work Cards/ Certifications:

  • Valid Hawaii Driver's License
  • Must be able to obtain an AOA badge and ramp license from the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation.

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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